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Dashiell Hammett
The Seeds of Red Harvest: Where did the inspiration come from for a novel set in Butte that would break new literary ground?

 Butte is full of beautiful painted ladies Many of Butte's older homes would look more at home in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, or San Francisco than in Butte.

 Butte, Montana: Ireland's Fifth Province Butte may seem out of place, an industrial city past its prime in the heart of the rural state of Montana. It's possible to understand Butte if you don't first look to Ireland.

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Let There Be Light
Anselmo Mine Yard at Night

There is no more important symbol of Butte than its headframes that stand over former mine sites on the Hill. These are Butte's icons, immediately visible from anywhere in the valley below and recognized far and wide as symbols of Butte, Montana. You can't pick up a business brochure without seeing a logo that is some configuration of a headframe.

They represent better than any other one symbol the substance and spirit of our community.

These unique structures represent our mining heritage, the buried sacrifice of sweat, toil and tears underground to get the rock in the box that helped win wars and fuel a global economy. In the present, they represent the resilience of a town that stands strong and straight as steel against the onslaught of time and the elements. They punctuate the Butte landscape like steel exclamation points.

A community project is now under way to illuminate these Butte icons for the world to see and appreciate in a way that honors what they represent and draws the attention of the world to their importance and to the interpretation of our history and our future.

It's time to show off these valuable resources, to shine the light on these shrouded remnants of our mining heritage. Like our tall Uptown buildings, they are portals through which visitors and residents can easily imagine what life was like in Butte during its underground mining period in its history.

We should use them as we use our tall buildings Uptown as portals through which visitors and residents can easily imagine what life was like in Butte during its underground mining period.

We should no longer hide these powerful symbols of our past in the darkness; it's time to let there be light.

To help light up Butte's headframes, or to make a tax-deductible contribution to turn the lights on, contact Mainstreet Uptown Butte, P.O. Box 696, Butte, MT 59703; (406) 497-6464.

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Edgar S. Paxson courtesy of Montana Historical Society
Edgar S. Paxson, Pioneer Artist Some of the most authentic Western art, full of buckskins, Indians, wildlife and frontier scenes were painted by Edgar S. Paxson in a small Butte studio.

Butte Courthouse rotunda by George Everett
This is your summons —visit the Silver Bow County Courthouse. Built before World War I, the Silver Bow County Courthouse may be one of West's most beautiful public buildings.

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