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 Greetings from Butte, Montana!
A Few Facts About
Butte, Montana

Jack Kerouac's Ideal Bar

In a March, 1970 article for Esquire magazine, Jack Kerouac described a visit by bus to Butte:"It was Sunday night, I had hoped the saloons would stay open long enough for me to see them. They never even closed. In a great old-time saloon I had a giant beer. On the wall was a big electric signboard flashing gambling numbers ...What characters in there: old prospectors, gamblers, whores, miners, Indians, cowboys, tobacco-chewing businessmen! Groups of sullen Indians drank rotgut in the john. Hundreds of men played cards in an atmosphere of smoke and spittoons. It was the end of my quest for an ideal bar..."

All-American City

In 1956, renowned photographer Robert Frank took this image from his hotel room in the
Finlen Hotel and included it in his groundbreaking book, The Americans. The view has improved considerably since then.

All in the Family

Several Butte shops have been doing business for generations.
Wein's Men's Store on West Park Street opened in 1906 and has been operated by the same family ever since. Rudolph's Standard Furniture opened in 1919 and continues to be operated by the Rudolph family. The Pekin Noodle Parlor on South Main has been operated by the same family for three generations. Miller Boots and Shoes on South Arizona has been run by the same family since it opened in 1917. Whitehead's Cutlery at 73 E. Park St, is perhaps the oldest continuously operated family business in Montana, opened in 1890 and run by the same family ever since.

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A Few More Facts
About Butte, Montana

That's Why The Lady
Needs a Tram
The 80-ton, 90-foot statue on the Continental Divide that overlooks Butte stands at 8,510 feet above sea level - 3,500 feet above Butte. Our Lady of the Rockies has dimensions that rival the Statue of Liberty. Her nose is four feet long, her eyes are two feet wide, and her lips are three feet wide. Tours are now available by bus but a tram is in the works that can carry visitors to the base of the statue in a few minutes.

Shortest Interstate
highway in the US --1.19 miles

Evel Knievel Loop

In 2002, Butte dedicated a route along its streets to honor the daredeveil legend Evel Knievel who grew up here. EachJuly, Evel Knievel returns to Butte and invites his fans from around the world to join him during
Evel KnievelDays to celebrate his feats as a motorcycle daredevil. To see a map of the loop, click on the sign above.
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